Video Annotation Services | video annotation outsourcing

We Provide Top Quality Video Annotation Services | Video Annotation Outsourcing. Outsource the Video annotation services to Us. High-quality video annotation generates ground truth datasets for optimal machine learning functionality. There are numerous deep learning applications for video annotation across industries including self-driving cars, medical AI, and geospatial technology.

Our Video Annotation Services capture each entity in the video with frame by frame annotated lines ensuring the moving entities are well recognizable to computer vision technologies.

Developing AI algorithms and Computer vision systems utilizing annotated videos as training data for pinpoint accuracy. We are experienced in annotating multiple types of videos by employing sophisticated techniques and annotation tools. This guarantees that the data used to build the computer vision model/algorithms are of the highest quality.

Utilizing the annotated videos, self-driving cars can identify different entities on their path e.g. other cars, traffic signals, sign boards, street lights, lanes, cyclists, pedestrians, etc. At Impact Outsourcing, we employ the most advanced video annotation tools for computer vision to come up with high quality data sets.

What Are The Types Of Video Annotation Services?

Impact Outsourcing provides video annotation services for all annotation projects including bounding box annotation, polygon annotation, keypoint annotation, and semantic segmentation. Our team works with the client to calibrate the quality and throughput of the job and deliver the best cost-quality ratio as you iterate.