Impact Outsourcing Limited is a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company based in Nairobi, Kenya. We support businesses outsource their labor-intensive digital work in a socially responsible way. We have a reputation of performing non-core, yet valuable and confidential digital work for numerous local and international clients. Our business model is geared towards poverty eradication by providing meaningful employment to youths and women from vulnerable and disadvantaged backgrounds across the East African region.

We assist Organizations, Government Institutions, and Individuals by providing high-quality services in Data Management and Validation, Customer Support, Data Annotation, Transcription and Captioning and other services in the AI & ML industry.

At Impact Outsourcing, we rid you of the constraints that come with scalability in your digital project. We have the capacity to scale up or down at a moment’s notice depending on your needs. By having a dedicated and professionally managed workforce handling your digital project, it frees you up to focus on other core aspects of your business.

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  • Impact Driven – In the spirit of Ethical AI, we collect, annotate, and validate datasets crucial to training ethical and bias-free computer vision. This way, we provide easy and accessible remote work opportunities to youths and women from vulnerable and disadvantaged backgrounds in Nairobi and its environs. We also provide them with opportunities to learn new skills to increase their overall employment prospects. These include basic digital and financial literacy skills courses.
  • Professional Teams and Management – We allocate a dedicated team and management to handle a specific project. For clients with no annotation platform, we assist in sourcing an appropriate tool for their data training projects. We complete the tasks after a number of iterations in line with the client’s feedback. One managed team is dedicated to the same client to build consistency and expertise on the project ensuring quality data sets for our clients.
  • Open and Flexible Pricing – Depending on the nature of the project, we either apply a standard hourly rate or calculate a per-file/per-annotation pricing based on the average time it takes to complete a single file/annotation. We have no overhead charges for quality assurance, project management, or platform use.


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We offer a number of out of the box outsourcing services to companies & businesses.

Contact Centre Philippines | Live Chat Support Philippines | General Call Center Services Philippines | Data Annotation Philippines | Bounding Box Annotation Services Philippines | Polygonal Annotation Philippines | Video Annotation Services Philippines | Semantic Segmentation Philippines | Lidar 3D Philippines | Point Cloud Annotation Philippines | National Language Processing Philippines | Transcription Philippines | Geospatial Annotation Philippines | Medical AI Philippines | Agricultural AI Philippines | Contact Centre Malaysia | Live Chat Support Malaysia | General Call Center Services Malaysia | Data Annotation Malaysia | Bounding Box Annotation Services Malaysia | Polygonal Annotation Malaysia | Video Annotation Services Malaysia | Semantic Segmentation Malaysia | Lidar 3D Malaysia | Point Cloud Annotation Malaysia | National Language Processing Malaysia | Transcription Malaysia | Geospatial Annotation Malaysia | Medical AI Malaysia | Agricultural AI Malaysia | Contact Centre Vietnam | Live Chat Support Vietnam | General Call Center Services Vietnam | Data Annotation Vietnam | Bounding Box Annotation Services Vietnam | Polygonal Annotation Vietnam | Video Annotation Services Vietnam | Semantic Segmentation Vietnam | Lidar 3D Vietnam | Point Cloud Annotation Vietnam | National Language Processing Vietnam | Transcription Vietnam | Geospatial Annotation Vietnam | Medical AI Vietnam | Agricultural AI Vietnam | Contact Centre India | Live Chat Support India | General Call Center Services India | Data Annotation India | Bounding Box Annotation Services India | Polygonal Annotation India | Video Annotation Services India | Semantic Segmentation India | Lidar 3D India | Point Cloud Annotation India | National Language Processing India | Transcription India | Geospatial Annotation India | Medical AI India | Agricultural AI India | Contact Centre Bangladesh | Live Chat Support Bangladesh | General Call Center Services Bangladesh | Data Annotation Bangladesh | Bounding Box Annotation Services Bangladesh | Polygonal Annotation Bangladesh | Video Annotation Services Bangladesh | Semantic Segmentation Bangladesh | Lidar 3D Bangladesh | Point Cloud Annotation Bangladesh | National Language Processing Bangladesh | Transcription Bangladesh | Geospatial Annotation Bangladesh | Medical AI Bangladesh | Agricultural AI Bangladesh | Contact Centre Nairobi | Live Chat Support Nairobi | General Call Center Services Nairobi | Data Annotation Nairobi | Bounding Box Annotation Services Nairobi | Polygonal Annotation Nairobi | Video Annotation Services Nairobi | Semantic Segmentation Nairobi | Lidar 3D Nairobi | Point Cloud Annotation Nairobi | National Language Processing Nairobi | Transcription Nairobi | Geospatial Annotation Nairobi | Medical AI Nairobi | Agricultural AI Nairobi | Contact Centre Kenya | Live Chat Support Kenya | General Call Center Services Kenya | Data Annotation Kenya | Bounding Box Annotation Services Kenya | Polygonal Annotation Kenya | Video Annotation Services Nairobi | Semantic Segmentation Kenya | Lidar 3D Kenya | Point Cloud Annotation Kenya | National Language Processing Kenya | Transcription Kenya | Geospatial Annotation Kenya | Medical AI Kenya | Agricultural AI Kenya | Contact Centre Uganda | Live Chat Support Uganda | General Call Center Services Uganda | Data Annotation Uganda | Bounding Box Annotation Services Uganda | Polygonal Annotation Uganda | Video Annotation Services Nairobi | Semantic Segmentation Uganda | Lidar 3D Uganda | Point Cloud Annotation Uganda | National Language Processing Uganda | Transcription Uganda | Geospatial Annotation Uganda | Medical AI Uganda | Agricultural AI Uganda Contact Centre Tanzania | Live Chat Support Tanzania | General Call Center Services Tanzania | Data Annotation Tanzania | Bounding Box Annotation Services Tanzania | Polygonal Annotation Tanzania | Video Annotation Services Nairobi | Semantic Segmentation Tanzania | Lidar 3D Tanzania | Point Cloud Annotation 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Africa | Transcription Africa | Geospatial Annotation Africa | Medical AI Africa | Agricultural AI Africa
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