Impact Outsourcing, your go-to BPO partner in Kenya, specializes in affordable, high-quality data annotation services. Our seasoned team excels in image, text, audio, and video annotation, ensuring precision and timely delivery through cutting-edge technology. Beyond annotation, we offer diverse outsourced services, enhancing business processes and boosting efficiency. Trust Impact Outsourcing for reliable solutions in Kenya, contact us now to elevate your business.

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Our professionally managed teams comprises individuals who have vast experience working in the Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning industry. Our years of experience coupled with professionalism guarantee that we give quality work to our clients at competitive prices.


We ensure your datasets are secure. Our production and delivery platforms are well certified and employ a two steps authentication process. We offer high availability and uptime datasets as we understand that client’s data confidentiality is paramount.


Our model is making a difference by providing long term meaningful employment for vulnerable and disadvantaged youth and women. This is in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals which are Poverty Eradication, Provide Gender Equality & Decent Work and develop Economic Growth.


We strive to help companies thrive

Our team are highly trained to provide comprehensive outsourcing services, turn-key solutions to help companies stay profitable.
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Our mission is to provide opportunities for personal and professional skill development for vulnerable youth and women. We recruit, grow and mentor young talent and more importantly, expose youths to the digital workspace.


To become the leading provider of accurate data solutions for ambitious artificial
intelligence and machine learning.


Empathy, Versatility and Teamwork.

  • By understanding and appreciating different perspectives, we are able to respond appropriately to different situations which allows us to foster strong relationships with one another, and ultimately, deliver quality results to our clients.
  • We are versatile and solution driven, always seeking new and better ways to offer quality and value for money.
  • We believe that “Team work makes the Dream work.” We always listen to our internal and external team and work together to achieve superior goals.

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