Lidar 3D Point Cloud Annotation

At Impact Outsourcing, we offer Point Cloud Annotation to teach and enrich your sensor data with our high quality and accurate 3D Annotation. Our top-notch quality datasets will help all kind of self-driving objects such as autonomous vehicles, autonomous drones and also mapping. We will dedicate a full qualified and highly trained 3D Point Cloud and Lidar Annotation team specifically for your project.

As the autonomous industry continues to grow rapidly from cars, drones, industry robots; we continue to sharpen our annotations skills and learn the best Lidar annotation tools. Our services range from 2D, 3D Lidar, Poly lines, Cuboids, Segmentation and 3D point cloud tagging for autonomous industry.

We will dedicate a Project Manager who will lead the team from pilot to a continuous fruitful partnership. Our workforce will label quality data that will power your autonomous vehicle, drone, maps. We use the best commercial Lidar annotation tools to annotate from different kinds of sensors to provide high quality data for efficient machine learning.