Impact outsourcing offers competent transcription services in more than 10 languages. To ensure inch-perfect and speedy transcription solution, all our professional assignee are native language speakers.

Impact Outsourcing offers excellent audio transcription services by cause of our 3-tier process, which engross research, analysis, and accuracy reviews. Our output is a superlative piece of skill delivered to you at top speed, for an affordable price.

100% Human-Based Transcribers

Our transcriptionists are professionals making it possible for us to deliver to our client’s quality leading transcription. We are a 100% human-powered institution & we also ensure a quick turnaround time of 8 hours for speedy projects. Confidentiality to your files is also assured as access is granted on a need to know basis.

99% Accuracy Guaranteed

We select only the most accomplished, professional, and skilled native transcriptionists to join our team. Our structure of counter checks and client feedback on each project provide that only the best transcriptionists remain in our teams. Our clientele reap exactly what they look forward from us: accurate, dependable, competent transcription service.

Secure & Confidential

Impact Outsourcing uses the industry’s finest security (encryption) to make sure your content is secure and also manages transcripts through a simple and intuitive platform. We also offer ceaseless customer service with quick access straight on the site for swift feedback times.

Closed Captioning Services

With our closed captioning services, you consistently get five-star, time-synchronized captions customized to your precise needs. Whether your project is an interview, YouTube series movie, broadcast media, a seminar/training video, or independent projects, we deliver exemplary, worthwhile results. Closed captioning service warrants you to get more value from your current video content by appealing to an extensive audience.