Image Annotation Services

Impact Outsourcing delivers stellar image annotation services that power AI, machine learning, and data operation strategies. Image annotation can range from annotating every group of pixels within an image to one label for an entire image.

What Is Image Annotation?

Image annotation is the process of labeling an image, which strategically involves human-powered work and sometimes, computer-assisted help. It is an important step in creating computer vision models for tasks like image segmentation, image classification, and object detection. Successful image annotation projects involving computer vision are built on high-quality annotation. The type of annotation needed will depend on the use case the project is designed for.

What Are The Types Of Image Annotation Services?

Impact Outsourcig provides various image annotation services that will cater to a client’s project needs, including bounding boxes, polygon annotations, keypoint annotation, LiDar, semantic segmentation, and image classification. Our team works with the client to calibrate the quality and throughput of the job and deliver the best cost-quality ratio as you iterate.

High-quality image annotation generates ground truth datasets for optimal machine learning functionality. There are numerous types of deep learning applications for image annotation across industries including autonomous technology & transportation, medical AI, commerce, geospatial, finance, government, and more.

Our Image Annotation Services

Bounding Boxes – Our computer vision experts use rectangular box annotation to illustrate objects and train data, enabling algorithms with annotated images to identify and localize objects during the machine learning process. The simplicity of bounding boxes is exactly their strength, making this method of image annotation applicable for a wide range of uses.

Polygon Annotation – Polygon annotation allows all of the object’s exact edges to be annotated, regardless of shape. This allows computer vision and other artificial intelligence models to recognize and respond to objects. This technique is especially useful in computer vision as annotators can use it to identify irregular shapes, allowing computers to identify and respond to them.

Semantic Segmentation – Images are segmented into component parts, by the Impact Outsourcing team, and then annotated. Our computer vision experts detect desired objects within images at the pixel level. With expert semantic segmentation, data can be organized in multiple formats for AI models across a variety of use cases.

Lidar Annotation – Impact Outsourcing teams label images and videos in 360-degree visibility, captured by multi-sensor cameras, in order to build accurate, high-quality, ground truth datasets for use in computer vision models such as autonomous vehicles.

3D Cuboid Annotation – Through the use of cuboids, Impact Outsourcing annotators can generate training datasets to teach machine learning models to recognize the depth of objects. Expert data labeling creates best-in-class training datasets for computer vision models to detect object and obstacle dimensions.

Image Classification – Impact Outsourcing annotators classify images or objects within images based on custom multi-level taxonomies, including land use, crops, residential property features, among others. Expert image classification turns image data into image insights for AI and ML models.

Image Annotation Services